What is MNStatC?

Mahalanobis National Statistics Competition (MNStatC) is a national level statistics competition, aimed at undergraduate students as well as masters, Ph.D. students, and data analytics, and ML professionals.

MNStatC aims

  • to engage the data lovers to explore the beauty of data through effective problem-solving.
  • to enhance the mathematicsprobability, and statistics skills for data analytics and machine learning professionals and equip them for the interviews.
  • to let the undergraduatemasters, and Ph.D. students to taste a flavor of out of the box statistics using the same knowledge they learned in their colleges.
  • to build a community and team of authentic and serious data lovers, who plan to change the world through their data-driven minds.
  • to raise awareness of the importance of core statistics, probability, and mathematics in the rising field of Data Science, ML, and AI.